Are you a student looking for academic degree translation services in Singapore

If you are getting ready to pursue higher education, degree, diploma or any kind of educational program in Singapore, then check out this blog. Studying abroad opens up new possibilities and experience. There are several universities throughout the world that offer the best academic courses, training programs, doctorate degree, etc. Moving to a different country for education and job purposes has become common these days due to globalization and advancement in transportation and communication. You can join any university or college anywhere in the world. Admission process in any institution will require the submission of all your educational certificates and documents in the national language of that particular country. For example, if you apply for higher studies in Singapore, you have to submit all documents in English. Worried about how to get it translated from your mother tongue to English without any mistakes? Keep your worries aside. You can get in touch with RJ Translation for all your academic degree and certificates translation needs. 


Singapore Academic Translation Services offered by RJ Translation:

RJ Translation is one of the Best Academic Translation Experts in Singapore. They translate all certificates such as high school, higher secondary, diploma certificates, graduate, Master's, doctorate degree, etc. from your native language to English. Your admission to any college or university is approved and is totally based on your educational documents and certificates. The expert team at RJ Translation carries out the translation of any document in the perfect manner. The proofreaders verify the translated document before delivering it to the client to ensure its correctness and genuineness. 


What academic documents should be translated and why?

When you apply for a student or work pass to any country particularly Singapore, you have to submit all your academic certificates to ICA in English. Only after verification of all these documents, you will be given permission to enter the country for job or education purpose.


As a student or a research scholar, you may be involved in the submission of articles, research papers, thesis or any other academic-related writings. If you wish to take the message of your academic work to a global audience, then it is mandatory to translate it to different global languages. RJ Translation is the one-stop destination for all your academic project translation services in Singapore. If your project is available in a global language, then many can get benefitted by reading it. It will also help you get global recognition.


RJ Translation can translate all academic documents from one language to any other global language.


Take a quick look at the list of academic translation services offered by RJ Translation:

·         Higher secondary certificates

·         All school documents 

·         Diploma/Degree certificates

·         SPM certificate translation from Malay to English

·         Thesis 

·         Research papers

·         Articles

·         Textbooks

·         Subject papers

·         Question papers & many more…


RJ Translation is one of the Best Singapore Academic Translation Service providers as they have highly skilled translators who work round the clock and deliver outstanding results. Even after joining the course in any university, you can take the help of RJ Translation for translating lectures, essays, dissertations, etc. to your preferred language which will help you in understanding the concept in an easy manner.


Get all your academic degree and certificates translation done by RJ Translation at affordable rates. They have an experienced team which offers the best service with no compromise on quality. All educational documents for the purpose of job and visa have to be submitted to ICA Singapore and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in English. Just call RJ Translation and get your translation done today!