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Many people belonging to different nations come to Singapore for education, job or business opportunities. Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations as well. The quality of life and living standards is high in Singapore. To pursue higher education or to apply for a job or to become a permanent resident of Singapore, your documents play a crucial role. All government approvals are based on the submission of proper and valid documents. If you may belong to a different nation other than Singapore, it is mandatory to submit all the essential documents to ICA or MOM (Ministry of Manpower). The most important thing is all your documents have to be submitted in English. In this blog, let us have a glimpse of the different kinds of work permits issued by the Singapore government and also about the best translation company in Singapore.

Work permits in Singapore:

Singapore attracts people from various parts of the world due to its economy, technological advancements and multicultural population. There can be students who come to Singapore for training programs or people who get a job offer to work in Singapore, or entrepreneurs who wish to set up business or family members who wish to stay with kith and kin. There are several categories of pass issued by the Singapore government such as: 

● Employment pass

● Entrepass

● Personalised Employment Pass

● Long term visit pass 

● Dependant's pass and many more ....

Depending on your category, you have to apply for a permit by submitting the relevant documents. 

Why do you need translators before applying for permits?

Before applying for a student pass or employment pass or for permanent residency, you should have knowledge about the documents that are required. According to MOM (Ministry of Manpower), the documents have to be submitted in English only. If your birth certificate, academic certificate, marriage certificate, in some other language, you need translators to translate your documents in English. RJ Translation offers one of the best online translation services in Singapore. With knowledge, expertise and professionalism, they provide quality service.

Why is document translation highly important?

Our documents are used for verifying our ethnicity, nationality, educational qualifications, job experience, skills, marital status and many other critical information. If wrong details are provided by mistake, one will lose the opportunity to study or work or reside in a country as applications will be rejected by the concerned authorities.

Mistakes in translated documents can crash your dream. It is very important to choose the right translation service provider. RJ Translation is the best translation company in Singapore. Through several years of experience, they know the legalities, technicalities and involved in the translation of the documents. The translated document goes through the checking and verification process 

so that the end document is error-free and is exactly the same as the original document.

RJ translation offers translation services of all documents related to birth, education, marriage, etc. from any global language to any other global language. Get in touch with RJ Translation for any translation related services if you wish to apply for MOM (Ministry of Manpower) or ICA.