Driving License Translation Services

Are you looking for a professional driving translation service? You are in the right place. In this blog, you will get to know all about driving license translation services in Singapore. Let us first understand the importance of translation of driving license. There are many reasons for which you should get it translated. If you wish to become a permanent resident of Singapore, you have to translate your driving license to English if it's in any other language. When you wish to settle in any other country than your own, you have to translate your driving license into the national language of that particular country. For example, if you have a driving license in Chinese or Thai and you want to become a resident of Singapore, then you have to get your driving license translated to English. You should submit this to ICA Singapore along with other relevant documents to get permission to drive in Singapore. 


Driving license is one of the important documents that is considered as an acceptable proof of identity. The issuance of the driving license varies from country to country. This document contains all the essential information about an individual and many organisations throughout the globe make it mandatory for their employees to possess a driving license. Your license will be rejected if the translated document has errors. The translation needs to be done in a precise manner. For this, you should get in touch with the best and reliable translation services provider in Singapore. 


ICA Singapore also may require your driving license in case you want to become a professional driver in Singapore. If you plan to rent a car in Singapore, you need to produce your driving license in English only. If you are on tour to some other nation and want to drive a car, you should get your driving license translated to the language of that particular nation. Even if you wish to become a professional driver overseas, you have to apply for a visa in that country and for this purpose, you must submit certain documents including your driving license in the prescribed language to the embassy or other authorities. 

People who are new Singapore permanent residents should get their foreign driving license converted within 3 months of getting Singapore citizenship. 

 The driving license has all the important particulars about you, therefore it is highly recommended to get it translated from certified translation professionals. You can enjoy driving your car in any part of the world if you get your driving license translated to the national language of that country. 


RJ Translation - The best driving license translation provider in Singapore:

For all language translation services, you can contact RJ Translation in Singapore. They have several years of experience in providing translation services. Their quality of service is excellent and they have expert linguists who carry out the job with perfection. 

To get a license, you have to pass several tests and you have to get it translated into the desired language without any mistakes. You can leave all your worries about translation and just get in touch with RJ Translation for driving license translation for PR application in Singapore. 

RJ Translation has efficient translation experts who are courteous and finish the task with precision. They are well versed with the formalities related to driving licenses in various countries and can translate documents at ease. The team at RJ Translation understands client's needs and urgency and executes the job always on time.



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RJ Translation has a dedicated team for the quality check process which helps them in delivering flawless outputs. Your driving license can be in any global language and RJ Translation can translate it to any other language as per your preference. For all translation services including driving license translation for PR application in Singapore, just call RJ Translation any day at any time. They also offer translation services of academic, medical, business and legal documents as well. Through a hassle-free process, you can get your driving license translated from any language to any other language by RJ Translation.