How to apply for PR in Singapore

Singapore has emerged as one of the best destinations for higher studies, employment, business opportunities. Many people from all over the globe aspire to settle down in Singapore. So If you are one among them, this blog will help you to achieve your dream. Let us get to know in detail about the procedure for applying PR (Permanent Resident) status in Singapore in this article. 


Anyone who aspires to become a permanent resident of Singapore can do so by getting an entry permit. Below is a list of people who are eligible to apply for PR in Singapore. 


· Spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen (SC)/Permanent Resident (SPR)

· Aged parents of a Singapore Citizen

· P, Q or S work pass holders working in Singapore

· Investors/Entrepreneurs

3 Types of PR Schemes in Singapore:

1. Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker Scheme (PTS)

2. Global Investor Programme

3. Foreign Artistic Talent Programme

Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker Scheme (PTS)

Most of the Non-Singaporeans get PR by this route only. If you are working in Singapore and you already have an Employment or Entrepreneur or Personalised Employment or S-Pass, you are eligible to apply for PR in Singapore. ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority) will assess your eligibility by looking into your educational qualifications, duration of stay in Singapore, salary and many other aspects before approving your PR application.  One of the important documents that you have to submit is your payslip consisting of at least 6 months salary. 

You have good chances of getting PR if you have been educated from a reputed institution and if your stay in Singapore is longer and it also depends on your employer’s credentials. Your spouse and children above the age of 21 can also apply for PR along with you.


  All male Singapore citizens and PRs, unless exempted, are liable to register for National Service (NS). Following the completion of full-time NS, they will be required to serve up to 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) per year for the duration of their ORNS training cycle till the age of 65 years (for officers) or 40 years (for other ranks) according to ICA Singapore.




Global Investor Programme:

Using this route, investors from other nations can invest and set up business in Singapore. This scheme was brought by the Singapore Economic Development Board. Based on your business plan, track record and other factors, you will be given PR status under GIP. NS is applicable to people applying for PR under this scheme as well. 


Foreign Artistic Talent Programme:

Under this scheme, internationally renowned artists can apply for PR in Singapore. Professionals belonging to music, literature, dance, photography and other fields with the international reputation are welcome to make Singapore their home. 


ICA Translation Services in Singapore:

Before you apply for PR, first check what documents you have to submit. There are several documents right from birth certificate, educational certificates, marriage certificate and job-related documents that have to be submitted while applying for PR. ICA needs the documents in English, If you have the documents in your native language, you have to get it translated to English.


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