What is a work visa application translation service and who needs it?

Are you planning to work overseas? Then, this is the right blog for you to know about the documents required to get a work visa in a country and also the importance of work visa translation services.

Most of us have big dreams of working abroad in a favourite destination. It could be Singapore, USA, Germany, France or any other nation. Before you get into any country for the sake of working, you have to obtain a work permit or work visa from that particular country. Getting a visa or approval from a country for a job or your business is an achievement in itself. Without this document, you cannot work in any foreign nation. If you wish to work in Singapore, you should first know the different kinds of work permits issued. There are separate passes issued by the government for employees, entrepreneurs, semi-skilled workers, domestic workers, performing artists, etc. There are certain documents that you need to submit to the government to get a work visa. You may belong to any country and your educational documents, identity proof, bank statements, etc. could be in any language. But you have to get all documents translated to English before you apply for a work permit in Singapore. Any errors in the translated documents may spoil your dream. It is important to get your documents translated from a reputed translation agency.

Singapore is one of the world's fastest-growing economies and it also houses many multinational companies. It offers a very high standard of living. Many from India, China, Malaysia and other countries aspire to get a job in Singapore. If you are planning to work in Singapore, you should first apply for an employment pass or work visa to MOM (Ministry of Manpower) Singapore. Any country allows a foreign national to work in the country by providing a work visa or work permit. Several documents like your passport, educational certificates and other documents have to be submitted to the authorities for verification and approval. If your documents are not in English, you have to get them translated to English before submitting to MOM.

Let us have a quick look at the list of documents that have to be submitted to get a work visa as per MOM Singapore.

     Marksheets for all semesters

     Educational certificates

     Your company's profile


Some documents like driving license, bank statements, etc. also should be translated to English. You can also have a look at the Singapore government website to know in detail about the documents that you have to submit.

How can translation service providers help you?

A good and reliable translation service provider can offer accurate translation of documents without any misinterpretation. You have to submit both the original and translated documents to MOM. If you submit the visa application along with translated documents, you will get your work permit very soon without any difficulty.

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What is special about RJ Translation?



     Quality check

     Prompt delivery

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